Oral Hygienist of Mirise Orthodontic clinic, Minami Aoyama


About President of clinic, Dr. Daisuke Tomita

Attitude to people is always gentle

Dr. Tomita is always gentle to everyone. His attitude is always the same even to little children, or to elders. In addition, numerous entertainers who have performance in Japanese TV commute to our clinic, and Dr. Tomita treat them as gentle as the other patients.
I have been working with Dr. Tomita for long times as an oral hygienist, he treats us and other stuffs in the same attitude. He is popular and beloved as a dentist since he never get arrogant.


Perspective to the future

The perspective of Dr. Tomita is always innovated. The blueprint of future (Mirise in Japanese, which is also the derivation of the name of the clinic) is always in his thought. This is embodied as the treatment result of orthodontic treatment, and as the introduction of the latest dental equipment.
We have introduced the latest dental CT machine recently. This machine is the 1st release of “RAYSCAN”, so it is the first introduction of the world. The maximum field of irradiation covers a large range (FOV 20×20), thus lets us take the CT image in a large size. In the contrast, radiation exposure is extremely low that even radiation of children is safe enough.


The key to be popular is the “people”

Dr. Tomita always let us staff and patients feel happy and raise our motivation. Therefore, plenty people assembled around him, and everyone of them gets fortunate. Dr. Tomita is such a marvelous orthodontist, and a marvelous person.
We staff and patients all like Dr. Tomita so much. In this Mirise clinic, we draw the blueprint of the Mirai (Future) and create the Mirai.

Mirise orthodontic clinic Minami Aoyama, Chief Oral Hygienist, Nakano Rumi

Introducing Dr.Daisuke Tomita

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